Master Key Week 2

This week we moved to a new chapter in the Master Keys book, continued with the Worlds Greatest Salesmen, and edited our DMP.

I am going to write on the DMP. The DMP was for sure my favorite part of this week because I feel I put more effort in to it and really have a better understanding of what I am doing with it. As I stated in my first blog post, I rushed the first version because i didn’t know how to get my thoughts down on paper. Understanding more about Personal Pivotal Needs and getting the revision from my guide I got a little closer to completing my blueprint. I know I need to refine it. Adding more emotion and feelings to it will be key for it’s completion but I am optimistic about the direction my life is going. Onward and upward.


Master Key Week 1

The photo above would represent my feelings after the first week of the Master Key Experience (MKE).

It is an exquisite sight yet perplexing. I am taking steps to truly understand HOW to create the life I want through the thoughts I have in my head. I have heard this is possible, I believe this is possible, I know this is possible, I just never knew HOW to make it happen. I watched the first webinar in awe, “this is A LOT of stuff to do…” was my first feeling but I knew if I followed the system I  would create the blueprint for my definite major purpose (DMP).

I always had said things like, I don’t like to read and I am slow at reading. The truth, I never made reading a priority. Reading has been the best part so far. For the past couple of years I have made sure to fill my head with the most positive things I could. I have even taken it as far as to not listen to music for a long period of time because of some of the messages I hear in them (sometimes I may be a little to sensitive to this :). I however have appreciated the knowledge I have gained already from the two – three pieces we are reading.

The first weeks sit wasn’t too hard. Admittedly, I may not have sat perfectly still the first couple of days but I believe by day 3 I was fine sitting still. I couldn’t slow my mind down but physically I was like a stone.

My first version of my DMP was rushed and not necessarily from the heart. I know what I want in my head. I had no idea of how to write it out as a blueprint for my subconscious. That is why I am doing this. I can not wait to continue on this path to enrichment.